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Chapter 1: Drug demand and drug supply
Chapter 2: Responses to drug use
Chapter 3: Selected issues
Chapter 4: The drugs problem in central and eastern European countries
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Drug demand and drug supply

This chapter provides an overview of the situation of EU drug use and supply and highlights recent developments and emerging trends.
Improving the comparability of data - the EMCDDA key indicators

Improving the comparability of data across the Member States is a central task of the EMCDDA. The EMCDDA develops and recommends methods and instruments in order to collect and analyse harmonised, good quality data at European level. The EU action plan on drugs (2000-04) calls for Member States to provide reliable and comparable information on five key epidemiological indicators according to the EMCDDA's recommended technical tools and guidelines. These five key indicators are:

  • prevalence and patterns of drug use among the general population (population surveys);

  • prevalence and patterns of problem drug use (statistical estimates of prevalence/incidence supplemented by surveys among drug users);

  • drug-related infectious diseases (prevalence and incidence rates of HIV, hepatitis B and C in injecting drug users);

  • drug-related deaths and mortality of drug users (general population mortality registers and special registers statistics, and cohort studies among drug users of mortality and causes of death);

  • demand for drug treatment (statistics from drug treatment centres on clients entering treatment)

Drug use

Drug use in the general population | Drug use in the school population | Problem drug use

Health consequences

Demand for treatment | Drug-related infectious diseases | Drug-related deaths and mortality of drug users

Law-enforcement indicators

'Arrests' for drug law offences | Drug users in prison

Drug-market indicators - seizures, price, purity

Heroin | Cocaine | Synthetic drugs - amphetamines, ecstasy, LSD | Cannabis


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