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Introduction to the annual report
Chapter 1: Drug demand and drug supply
Chapter 2: Responses to drug use
Chapter 3: Selected issues
Chapter 4: The drugs problem in central and eastern European countries
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2001 Annual Report

Preface and acknowledgements

CHAPTER 1 - Drug demand and drug supply

Drug use

Drug use in the general population
Drug use in the school population
Problem drug use

Health consequences

Demand for treatment
Drug-related infectious diseases
Drug-related deaths and mortality of drug users

Law-enforcement indicators

'Arrests' for drug law offences
Drug users in prison

Drug-market indicators - seizures, price, purity


Synthetic drugs - amphetamines, ecstasy, LSD


CHAPTER 2 - Responses to drug use

Political and strategic responses

At European Union level
At national level - drug strategies in the European Union Member States

Specific responses

Demand reduction
Supply reduction


CHAPTER 3 - Selected issues

Cocaine and 'base/crack' cocaine

Prevalence, patterns, and problems
Intervention projects and new approaches

Policy issues

Infectious diseases

Prevalence and trends
Determinants and consequences
Harm-reduction responses

Synthetic drugs

Spread of use
Behaviours and patterns of use

Availability of substances

Treatment data
Health risks

Related deaths


Supply reduction

New initiatives and challenges for policy-making

CHAPTER 4 - The drugs problem in central and east European countries

Situation and trends

Prevalence and patterns of drug use
Treatment demand

Policy and institutional responses to the drug phenomenon

National coordination

National strategies and action plans

Money laundering

Data library


Press point


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